Welcome to 2 Minutes of Sunlight

Buck is an inventor, builder, has a high regard for strengthening our community, night sky star gazer with a well developed love of nature and wide open undeveloped spaces. Climber, explorer and searching for a simpler less complex way of living. Love and live permaculture, stacked functions, love and restore old cars.

Solar rooftop dealer and installer, rain harvesting systems and seamless gutters, grey-water and bio filtration systems based on Mike Reynolds Earthship designs. Member of the Transition Joshua Tree Water and Power Group. California Licensed General and Plumbing Contractor. Love the arts and music, wildlife, mother nature and father sun. Willing to show you around, if my scheduled permits, but also aware that some come here to get away and chill. Just let me know.

My totems and given names are Buck, Moondog, and Roadrunner. Water is my gold, the Earth is my mother and the sun is the all powerful father, the light.


Douglas Buckley